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Dissolution of Marriage: The Position of Nigerian Law on Settlement of Property & Payment of Maintenance as Ancillary Reliefs in Statutory Matrimonial Causes

Settlement of property refers to the process whereby the property of a party to a marriage or joint property of both parties is finally transferred to one of the parties or distributed amongst both parties and the title(s) vested accordingly....

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Does Limitation Law Apply to Employment/ Labour Matters? – The Current Position of Nigerian Law

Contracts of employment, also known as contracts of service have the effect and recognition of a simple contract. Simple contracts are governed by applicable legislations including limitation Laws or Act as the case may be....

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When an Arbitral Award can be set aside under Nigerian Law

The High Court within the jurisdiction where a final arbitral award was made is statutorily empowered by virtue of the provisions of sections 29, 30 and 48 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act (the “Act”) and section 55 of the Lagos State Arbitration Law (the “Law”) to set aside such arbitral award on the basis of an application brought by a party aggrieved by it.[ii]