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Post-Nuptial Agreement

A Post Nuptial Agreement is an Agreement is that sets out the expectations of the parties towards each other upon the dissolution of their marriage and post-cohabitation.

This is a Post Nuptial Agreement between a couple who have successfully dissolved their marriage and had children together during their marriage. The Agreement may be modified as necessary.

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Post-Nuptial Agreement

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Table of Contents

1. Background
2. Habitual Residence, Domicile and Nationality
3. Personal Details of the Parties
4. Children
5. Where the Parties Live
6. Financial Disclosure
7. Contributions to Separate Property
8. Intention to be bound by this Agreement
9. Commencement
10. Prior Agreement
11. Separate Property
12. Joint Property
13. Liabilities
14. Financial support during the Marriage
15. Compensation
16. Children of the Parties
17. Joint gifts
18. Provision to make gifts
19. Financial provision on death
20. Confidentiality
21. Review
22. Entire agreement
23. Modification, variation, waiver or termination
24. Termination
25. Purpose and effect of the Agreement
26. Interpreting the Agreement equally against the Parties
27. Counterparts
28. Acknowledgment of fairness of the Agreement
29. Implementation of the Agreement
30. Dispute Resolution
31. Severance 15
32. Governing law
33. Jurisdiction
34. Costs
35. Execution

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